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Fully Embodied

Bali Retreat
A six day embodiment experience at the Bali Ecostay Mountain resort, offering nourishment for all your senses within a natural setting of food forests, rice fields and towering mountains.


30th September - 6th October, 2019


Bali EcoStay 

Kanciana Village, Kemetug

Desa Gunung Salak Bali, 82113

FOOD & Accomodation:

Accomodation is offered as private rooms in shared bungalows with 3 nutritionally rich vegetarian meals per day plus refreshments. (Special dietary requirements can be catered for with advanced notice.)
Optional yoga classes are included.


USD $2000
 Early bird price
USD $1799 available until 1st June
(with limited scholarships available)
Includes tuition, food and accommodation
The retreat is limited to a maximum of 14 people and will be delivered in English.
Fully Embodied (Part 1)

Our foundational retreat focuses on the three intelligence centres, how to access them and how to use them to deepen relationship to self and other.


To do this we introduce the practice of Action Inquiry (founded by Bill Torbett) that synthesises ancient wisdom from traditions around the world, with emerging thinking from management theory.

This highly experiential retreat will provide you with a careful blend of support and challenge, to help you build your competence in this practice.

By attending the retreat you will increasingly feel more courage to show up in the world as your full authentic self and more capable in:


  • developing deeper, more effective relationships & collaborations


  • consciously adapting rather unconsciously reacting to life challenges


  • co-ordinating and holding multiple perspectives at the same time.




Fully Connected

Connecting our head to our heart combines the power of thought and creativity with the emotional intelligence for remaining open, vulnerable and trusting in others and ourselves.


Fully Courageous

Connecting an open heart with our gut (hara) gives us the impulse and courage for action.


Fully Clear

Connecting our gut (hara) with our head gives us the intuition and insight for deeper clarity.

Head Heart Hara

Who is
this for?

You may be a leader, a change maker or even someone who wants to lean into their human potential. No matter who you are, you probably share a desire to have a more positive impact on the world and those around you, to be more effective in your actions and simply live life with joy and wonder – to be fully human.

If you are noticing patterns in yourself that seem to result in the same old undesired outcomes and you want to shift to a new way of being in the world, then this is the retreat for you.



Jesse McKay is the lead facilitator for this retreat and the co-founder of MetaIntegral Academy (USA). He majored in psychology, has an MBA in corporate strategy, and trained in software design, development and architecture. He has worked as an engineer with a team of scientists responsible for designing and building command and monitoring systems for the International Space Station, and as a management consultant helping leaders achieve greater impact through improved management on the individual, team and organisational levels. Jesse has a broad inter-cultural background with professional engagements in Russia, Germany, Ethiopia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Estonia and Canada. Jesse has been facilitating integral development programs for many years.

JessE Mckay
Giles Kershaw

For many years Giles has been helping to build and position purpose driven organisations in their outer game through the use of brand and communications but always experienced a disconnect in individuals in terms of their inner game. As a result Giles is now passionate about facilitating people to integrate their inner landscape with their outer reality so they can show up in the world fully as themselves and act with more effectiveness, passion and integrity. Through coaching, facilitation and design thinking, Giles is committed to making the vision of integral theory an actionable reality so we can overcome our future collective challenges.



Only four days. Four transformational days. Every description of the retreat only comes close to its reality. It represents it, but it can not reach what it is and can be for each one. For me, it was a shock. It brought me the surprise, the comfort, and the intimacy of a (re) meeting with me. It has given me the joy and hope of being with you and in you, at the same time as with (wonderful) people and the world. Just go to be and believe.

Marcelo Perlman

Founder & Partner, PVG Lawyers

The retreat brings intense and careful living, combining the facilitation / training experiences of Jesse and Adri in a very harmonious and attentive way to the needs of each and everyone. That caught my attention ... could say a lot more, but it's worth waiting for surprises. The food is divine. The place inspires. And our body breathes. Much. Very very. I recognised myself more, and met people who will be special to me forever. I'm waiting, feeling my body, for the next module!

Fernanda Papa

Collaborator of the United Nations

Certainly I'm more connected to people after the retreat. I realised how to express emotions with awareness in order to create bonds of empathy and solidarity from others.

Rogerio de Mendonça Barros

Actor, writer, teacher of meditation and creator of the platform Bora Meditar


Cancellations up to 30 days before the retreat will have 75% of the fee refunded. If less than 30 days before the retreat no refund is provided. Any fees owed at the time of cancellation are immediately payable.


If the organisers cancel, the full cost of the retreat will be refunded. If arrangements for transport have already been made, the organisers take no responsibility for these costs.

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