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Fully Female

Integrating the feminine

 In the modern working world women are generally encouraged to show up only in ways that men do, therefore shunning aspects of their physiology or feminine energy.


By doing so many women cut themselves off from their unique potent powers (deeply connected to the female physiology) and end experiencing problems with self-esteem, painful menstrual cycles, chronic fatigue, and even complicated births.

For many of us modern-day women, part of the journey of becoming fully human means reintegrating the parts of being female that have been ignored so that we can show up with more vitality, courage, and creativity.

My work with women draws on years of experience with women's sacred work, developmental theory, embodiment work, and deep connection with nature. 

If you are interested in learning more, contact me for a free 20 min coaching session. 

Group work coming up soon. Contact me to know more.

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