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We love being human and we love living life with deeper impact and deeper intimacy.

We’re guided by the principle that our own potential and the potential of others is rooted in the process of both waking up (spiritual development) and growing up (personal development).

Embarking on this journey enables us to become more fully human, and more capable of having the kind of profound collaborations desperately needed to address the wicked problems of our times. 

We know growing up can be messy. Like you we stumble and fall at times. That’s okay. It’s to be expected, it’s even welcome. It's part of the never ending journey of becoming more you, of becoming Fully Human.

Want to journey with us?

founders & Facilitators

Adriana FORTE Naili

Adriana has been facilitating women’s circles and teaching workshops on feminine empowerment and leadership for over 10 years. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication, a Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology, and training in Shamanic Womancraft. She is a coach, a certified scorer and debriefer of the Stages Developmental Model (Terri O'Fallon) and an Integral Semantics Facilitator. In the past few years, she has been running vertical development retreats in Brazil with her co-facilitator Jesse Mckay (these retreats have been on hold due to Covid restrictions).


Having lived in four continents over the past 20 years has given her depth of insight into the various ways that culture can shape the human expression. She is a lover of nature and currently lives off-grid in rural Australia with her partner and her two daughters.

Giles Kershaw

For many years Giles has been helping to build and position purpose driven organisations in their outer game through the use of brand and communications but always experienced a disconnect in individuals in terms of their inner game. As a result Giles is now passionate about facilitating people to integrate their inner landscape with their outer reality so they can show up in the world fully as themselves and act with more effectiveness, passion and integrity. Through coaching, facilitation and design thinking, Giles is committed to making the vision of integral theory an actionable reality so we can overcome our future collective challenges.

JessE Mckay

Jesse McKay is the lead facilitator for the Fully Embodied rretreats and the co-founder of MetaIntegral Academy (USA). He majored in psychology, has an MBA in corporate strategy, and trained in software design, development and architecture. He has worked as an engineer with a team of scientists responsible for designing and building command and monitoring systems for the International Space Station, and as a management consultant helping leaders achieve greater impact through improved management on the individual, team and organisational levels. Jesse has a broad inter-cultural background with professional engagements in Russia, Germany, Ethiopia, Spain, Australia, Sweden, Korea, Estonia and Canada. Jesse has been facilitating integral development programs for many years.

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